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Building a Home

Building a new home is complex, especially starting from scratch with just a block of land. It requires planning, preparation, organisation, management and know how.

But don't be discouraged - millions of people have done it before you. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help ensure you succeed. This information is provided as a guide only and you should rely on your own research:

  • Visit home display centres and collect house plans to research the type of home you want to build

  • If you like certain parts of different plans, consider hiring an architect to design your dream home

  • If you use an architect, check out some of their previous work. Do some research; find out if their previous clients have been satisfied with their work. Some architects will give you names and addresses of previous clients for testimonials

  • Visit the site regularly during construction. You’re investing your hard-earned money into building a new house; make sure the construction matches your house plans/designs

  • If you’re unsure about how construction is going, speak to your architect, building services organisation or even your solicitor. Don't wait until construction is complete – speak up as soon as an issue arises

  • If you need your builder to make changes that are different from your original plans, put them in writing. This will protect you against any discrepancies

  • You’ll be required to make progress payments to your builder/architect, so make sure your loan lets you do this

  • Insure your home during construction – don’t wait until it’s built. Talk to us early on

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