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What is KiwiSaver? How does it work?

These are really common questions – the main things to know are:

  • KiwiSaver provides a straightforward way for you to save for your retirement.

  • Just about everyone under 65 years’ of age can join KiwiSaver.

  • In most cases KiwiSaver funds are locked in until the age of retirement. There are some exceptions though, like for first home withdrawals or in times of hardship.

  • Deposits (or contributions) can be made directly through your employer, setup as automatic payments from your bank account, or made as one-off payments.

  • If you have a job your employer has to make regular deposits into your KiwiSaver account – at least $3 for every $100 you earn.

  • If you’re over 18 and contribute at least $1,042 in a given year, the government will top up your KiwiSaver account by another $521… FOR FREE!













Where does my money go?

  • Your contributions(and those of your employer) are paid into your KiwiSaver account and in turn invested on your behalf into one or more funds of your choosing.

Can I lose money with KiwiSaver?

  • Like any investment KiwiSaver is complex and there is risk, but KiwiSaver providers operate within a highly regulated environment.

  • Some funds and investments will go up and down over time because of how financial markets work. Most people choose funds that suit their individual savings’ goals, e.g. some funds are more conservative and some are more aggressive – it’s a matter of risk versus return.

  • AMP funds invest in a wide range of assets, which is especially important when you’re saving for retirement. It’s easy to keep track of AMP fund performance and to switch funds as your needs change.

Is it a good idea to join KiwiSaver?

  • KiwiSaver is a well governed retirement savings product, low cost, and suitable for all investors.

  • It’s not a magic bullet, but KiwiSaver is creating opportunities to help Kiwis enjoy the retirement they dream of.

Where can I find out more about the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme?

How do I join the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme?

It’s easy – you can choose to join via:

If you're already a member of another KiwiSaver Scheme, your existing account will be automatically closed and your funds will be moved into your new AMP account.


What makes the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme so special?

AMP has the one of the largest and most experienced teams of Financial Advisers in New Zealand. They are available to provide high-quality financial advice and to help you make the right choices about your KiwiSaver.

We keep in touch
You will receive regular updates to help you make the most of your KiwiSaver, including information on funds and reminders about what you need to do to get your free top up from the government every year.

AMP’s KiwiSaver Scheme continues to show positive returns and through the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme you have access to 28 fund options managed by five of the industry’s leading fund managers.

The AMP KiwiSaver Scheme’s Default Fund has one of the lowest fees around. It charges $23.40 plus just 0.39% of your balance each year. For someone with a $12,000 balance the total fee for one year is less than $74!
Sources: (ranked 4th for conservative funds, third for default funds alongside Booster and ASB); AMP KiwiSaver Scheme PDS

More choice
The AMP KiwiSaver Scheme provides choice of 28 funds from a variety of providers including AMP, ANZ, ASB and Nikko. No other Scheme gives members as much choice.

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme members get access to the MyAMP app, which provides 24/7 access to your balance, account details and KiwiSaver information. You can also access your AMP KiwiSaver Scheme account details via AMP’s website.

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