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Whatever your lending needs, we can help.


Enjoy a one-stop-shop:

We sort out your loan with best-possible terms, and we advice on and arrange for you all associated Insurance requirements, like Life, Mortgage Protection and General Insurance.

We use a number of providers to ensure you receive a good deal.

Home Loans

Your mortgage will probably be the biggest debt you’ll ever take on, so it’s important to choose your loan wisely and manage it well. With so many choices available, you don’t have to accept the first option the bank offers. Look around and take advice.

Buying a Home?

Make your experience a happy one with our Tips and Suggestions.

Property investment

Research takes some of the risk out of property investment. We’ve put together some tips on understanding the residential investment market and Investing in Property to get you started.


Building a home

Building a new home is complex, especially when you're starting from scratch with just a block of land. Check out our tips and guidelines on Building a Home to help you on the path to success.

Rural Lending

You can tailor our term and seasonal rural loans to suit your needs.

  • Term loans – can help you purchase capital items. You make regular payments of principal and interest

  • Seasonal loans – are like a large overdraft facility – they tide you over when cashflow is low. You can deposit and withdraw funds any time.

The amount you can borrow depends on your farm’s income, the property you want to buy and many other factors including your farming background, qualifications and experience.

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