You work all your life and you deserve to enjoy your retirement!

Planning for retirement is one of the most important plans you will ever make.

Easiest way to start is by joining AMP KiwiSaver Scheme, making your regular contributions and enjoying free money from your employer [up to max 4% of your income] and the government [Member Tax Credit].

It would also be worthwhile checking with your employer if they offer a NZRT Superannuation account.

In case you have additional funds available to invest, you may want to talk to your adviser and consider a specialised Investment platform, like AMP WealthView.


AMP KiwiSaver Scheme is an investment that is designed to help you save for your retirement. If you are employed, regular contributions are deducted from your pay and your employer matches your contributions up to max 4%. In addition to these contributions, the government will pay towards your KiwiSaver up to $521.43 – this is an annual member tax credit contribution of 50 Cents for every $1 you save. Those contributions are invested into fund(s) of your choice in order to deliver a return, helping you boost your savings.

KiwiSaver funds can also be used by a First Home buyer to boost or meet your deposit.

Talk to us and we are happy to help you setup your KiwiSaver and find the right fund for your personal risk appetite.



The New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT) is an employer-sponsored workplace savings scheme designed to help you save for retirement. Check with your employer if a NZRT employer plan is offered.

NZRT offers investment options that are tailored to suit your personal financial goals. You can benefit from dedicated support by an experienced investment team actively helping you to maximise your retirement funds.

If you decide to leave your employer there will also be an option to transfer to My Super section of the NZRT, an individual plan within NZRT.

Enjoy 24/7 access via AMP’s online portal “My AMP” and the My AMP app for iPhone and Android.

Talk to our investment specialists David Lowe, Max Nieper and John Byrne to help you find the right investment option for your personal risk appetite.


Consolidate your invested and saved funds onto the one easy to manage platform. Receive expert advice on where to invest your money based on your personal financial situation and risk appetite.

Talk to our investment specialists David Lowe, Max Nieper and John Byrne to help you find the right investment option for your personal risk appetite.


You may have an older closed-to-new-business AMP Investment product [like Savings and Investment Portfolio, for instance] that you need to refresh. Our Investment Specialists David Lowe, Max Nieper and John Byrne look forward to assisting you - gain valuable insight into the suitability of your current product and the options available to either enhance or migrate your investment product to some more comprehensive and higher performing product.

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