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Contents Insurance

Your things are important to you, so keep them covered!

The number one question everyone asks is how much insurance do i need?

Use this Checklist to find the answer it gives you a good idea of policy limits and lets you know if you need to specify anything. 

Types of cover we offer:

Maxi Contents Cover
Insurance for Loss of Contents while (a) at home AND (b) when you temporarily take them with you anywhere in New Zealand.

- Replacement value

- Accidental damage

Qualifying contents value: $40,000 or more 

Included Benefits:

(1) Alternative Accommodation - if Home is uninhabitable  or while access to the home is prevented by government or local authority.

(2) Damage to your Contents caused by Authorities

(3) Unauthorised use of Debit and Credit Cards

(4) $2,000,000 Legal Liability

(5) Stolen Keys

(6) Contents of Children temporarily living at Boarding School or University Accommodation  




Flexi Contents Cover
Insurance for Loss of Contents while at home ONLY.

Limitation of cover to specific events like fire, flood, burglary, vandalism [ask us for complete list]

- Indemnity value

Benefits available for additional premium:

(1) Upgrade to Replacement value

(2) Upgrade to include Accidental damage

(3) Upgrade to cover contents anywhere in NZ



Our Online Contents Cover With Everyday Plus

Interested in taking care of your own cover online? Learn more about AMP Everyday Plus by clicking here. 


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