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Whats Covered

Cover for accidental damage, theft, temporary accommodation and major events (such as an earthquake, storm, fire or flood).

Accidental Damage*

Accidental damage at home.

Cover for accidental loss or damage to your home or contents.

Sum Extra (Home Only)*

SumExtra (home only) can provide the benefit of full replacement cost if your house is damaged or destroyed by non-natural disaster and up to 10% of your sum insured extra cover if your house is damaged or destroyed by natural disaster. Conditions apply.

Legal liability (as a home owner or individual)*

Legal liability (as a home owner or individual) Cover for your legal liability to pay for loss or damage to other people’s property. Up to $2,000,000.

Gradual damage*

Gradual damage - Cover for gradual physical damage to your home or contents resulting from water leaking or over flowing from any internal water system, provided that the damage first occurs during the period of insurance and the water leak or overflow causing the damage was not visible, noticeable, or obvious. Up to $5,000.

Retaining walls*

Retaining Walls are covered up to $75,000 or possibly more if you’ve had a pre-loss valuation of your home and retaining walls (conditions apply)

Paintings, pictures, art, antiques, sculptures, ornaments and art objects*

Paintings, pictures, art, antiques, sculptures, ornaments and art objects are covered up to $20,000 each item or set up to $80,000 total

Jewellery and watches*

Jewellery and watches - $2,500 per item or set up to $10,000 total

Portable valuables*

Portable valuables are contents that are normally carried with you away from the insured address such as jewellery, handbags, wallets, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, sporting equipment and photography equipment.

Home office equipment*

Home Office Equipment is covered up to $15,000.00

Supplementary living expenses*

Supplementary living expenses - Cover for the additional living expenses which are necessary to maintain your normal standard of living, if your home is unliveable. Up to $1,500.

Lock replacement*

Lock replacement - Cover for the necessary costs of replacing or re-coding locks to the external doors or windows of your home at the insured address if the keys to those locks are stolen anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Up to $1,000.

Natural disaster*

Natural disaster - Earthquake, natural landslip, volcanic eruption or activity, hydrothermal activity, tsunami or fire resulting from any of these.

Accidental breakage of glass*

Accidental breakage of glass is covered, standard excess applies.

Removal of debris*

Removal of debris - Cover for the costs of demolishing and removing the damaged parts of your home, and/ or disposing of damaged contents.

Up to 15% of contents Sum Insured, and no fixed limit for the disposal of damaged parts of your home

Temporary accommodation*

Temporary accommodation - Cover for the reasonable temporary accommodation costs when your home is damaged and unlivable. Up to 10% of the Sum Insured for up to 12 months

Hand woven carpets/rugs*

Hand woven carpets/rugs - Up to $5,000 per carpet or rug

Environmental improvements*

Environmental improvements - Such as a rainwater tank, solar systems or compost equipment. Up to $3,500

Mortgage discharge costs*

Mortgage discharge costs - The administrative and legal costs of discharging the mortgage and deleting the mortgagee from the land title on your home. Up to $1,500

Energy costs for loss of supply or renewable energy*

Energy costs for loss of supply or renewable energy - Covers electricity costs when your alternative green energy generation equipment is lost or damaged.  Up to $100 per month for up to 12 months

Damage to plants and gardens*

Damage to plants and gardens - Cover up to Up to $1,000

Fatal injury compensation*

Fatal injury compensation - Cover for up to $5,000

Damage for physical injury or incident*

Damage for physical injury or incident - We cover damage to and/or soiling of your contents as a result of: Physical assaults or death (whether by natural cause, suicide, manslaughter or murder); forensic or police investigations into any physical assault or death. Up to $20,000



Fencing is covered up to 2km



Driveways are covered up to 100 metres.

Sealed road and access ways*


Sealed road and access ways - Is covered up to $25,000.00

Motor burnout*


Motor burnout - The burning out or fusing of electric motors, that happens in the period of insurance, in household equipment or appliances which are part of your contents and which are less than 10 years old.

Storage of undamaged contents*

Storage of undamaged contents - If you make a claim for loss or damage to your contents and it is agreed that your undamaged contents cannot be kept at the insured address because it is unliveable, there is cover for the reasonable cost to store the undamaged contents until the contents can be kept at the insured address.

Costs to re-establish important documents*

Costs to re-establish important documents - For example, replacing jewellery valuations, passports, wills, the land title on your home, driver licenses and marriage and birth certificates. Up to $1,000.

Vehicle accessories and spare parts*

Vehicle accessories and spare partsCovers loss or damage to accessories and spare parts from cars, trailers, motorised scooters, motorbikes and boats (but not outboard motors). Up to $1,000.

Contents on common property*

Contents on common property - Cover for your contents permanently fixed on or to common property of your residential complex on the same basis as if they were at the insured address. Up to $1,000.

Contents temporarily removed for up to 180 consecutive days*

Contents temporarily removed for up to 180 consecutive days - Cover if you temporarily remove your contents to a new temporary address or a bank deposit box.

Contents in commercial storage*

Contents in commercial storage is covered under the policy, please refer to policy document for full details.

Contents in transit*

Contents in transit - If you are permanently moving to a new address in New Zealand, you have cover for your contents while they are being moved, for loss or damage caused by fire or flood, or by accident or theft of the vehicle carrying them.

Visitor's contents*

Visitor's contents - Cover up to $1,000.

Food and medication spoilage*

Food and medication spoilage - Cover for spoilage of refrigerated food, frozen food and refrigerated medicines. Up to $1,000.

Identity theft cover*

Identity theft cover - Cover for the reasonable costs you have to pay in trying to re-establish your personal credit history. Up to $1,500.

Financial transaction card cover*

Financial transaction card cover - Cover for your losses (less any amount covered by your bank) if your credit or debit cards are stolen from the insured address and used fraudulently. Up to $1,500.

Other repair/rebuilding costs*

Other repair/rebuilding costs - Such as make-safe works, professional fees like architects or surveyors and additional work to make damaged parts of your home comply with current building regulations.

*Read the fine print for full Policy details here?

*Read the fine print for full Policy details here? Grab a full copy of the policy document here.

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