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House Insurance

House Insurance covers a house (freestanding or attached) against damages that can be expensive to repair.  

Property owners define the amount (Sum Insured) they want to Insure their property for. 

The sum insured should represent the cost to reinstate your home in the event of it being totally destroyed.   

The sum insured includes the cost such as:

- Removal of Debris

- Architectural fees,

- Surveyors fees,

- Council fees,

- Inflation,

- Re-building the House with outbuildings, decks and swimming pool (if applicable), and 

- Landscaping.

You can tell us how much you want to insure your home for or you can use the free Cordell Calculator to assist you in establishing a sum insured for your house or to be completely accurate you can use a registered insurance valuer.

Their is some extra benefits for giving us a copy of the cordells calculator report or a insurance valuation, with AMP Sum Extra:

- Full repair or replacement if the loss is caused by a fire or any other non -natural disaster event, even if the cost exceeds your nominated Sum Insured*.


- Up to 10% extra cover for natural disasters, if your home is damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster or fire caused by natural disaster and your nominated Sum Insured is not enough to pay for the repair or rebuild, with SumExtra you will receive up to 10% extra cover*. 

(*conditions apply - see below brochure) 


This valuable benefit is offered free of charge and is valid for 3 years if you insure your House for at least Cordell Sum Insured or use a Registered Insurance Valuer. (Replacement Value excl. GST as per Cordell Report).

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