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Landlords Cover

If you are a landlord, then you must have the right insurance to protect your property.

Taking into account the ever increasing number of properties affected by "P" contamination, you have to make sure that Methamphetamine Contamination is included. AMP has you covered!

There are three types of scenarios that have to be considered - talk to us if you are unsure about which one is right for you:

You are the owner of a residential home that you are letting to your tenants.

You will need House Insurance that specifies the occupancy of the building as Rental and you should add Landlord Extension to get cover for the following:

- Malicious Damage or Theft - up to $30,000 for one event,

- Landlord Furnishings - up to $20,000 per dwelling or amount of your insured Contents,

- Loss of Rent due to dwelling becoming uninhabitable - maximum period 12 months,

- Loss of Rent due to non-payment by tenants - Occasions covered: Prevention of access, Vacating without notice, Eviction of tenants, and Tenancy tribunal order.

You are the owner of an apartment that is part of a Body Corporate.

Your property Insurance is included in your Body Corporate Fees and so you do not have to get Insurance for that apartment - it is insured already. A valuable cover that should however be considered is Landlord Plan - a comprehensive Insurance policy designed specifically with the needs of a residential landlord in mind.  Landlord Plan provides cover for damage to the property, including malicious damage, and loss of rental income. Further, it also provides cover for legal liabilities and "P" contamination.

You are the owner of a commercial property that you are leasing to a business.

The property can be covered by Material Damage under a Business Insurance policy. 

Talk to us about your specific situation and we will be able to provide you with the most suitable cover for your personal circumstances.


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