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Mortgage and Rent Protection

Mortgage and Rent Insurance covers the cost of your mortgage or rent payments in the event of an accident, sickness or unemployment that restrains you from working and earning a living.

Regular monthly payments will guarantee that you can keep a roof over your and your family's reads at time of disability. 


Monthly payments are NOT affected by any ACC support you receive [no ACC offsets]!

Ways in which Mortgage and Rent Insurance can be used:

  • Residential Property - cover up to 110% of your Mortgage Repayments, thereby allowing for expenses like utilities, Insurance, maintenance, etc.

  • Investment Property - helps cover your Investment Property's mortgage payments [110%].

  • Your Rent - Agreed value based on 40% of your income - thus making sure that you have funds when your rent is due.

Not being able to pay your mortgage can bring an end to your dream of owning your own house. Therefore it is fundamental to have a Plan B in place that protects you and your family against the unforeseen and unfortunate.

Contact Us Today and we are able to recommend the right product for you, making sure that you will not be left in the rain without shelter!

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