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Trauma Cover

Trauma Insurance is designed to relieve the financial pressure of suffering a major trauma such as cancer or heart disease.


Trauma Insurance pays a selected lump sum payout for specified medical conditions

Covering Heart Attack, Cancer, Nervous System Disorders, Injury or Disease, Body Organ Disorders and Blood Disorders.

Trauma Insurance pays a Lump Sum once the condition is medically diagnosed. So you and your family won’t have to wait long for financial support. This will allow you to focus on: Treatment, your recovery and how to enjoy life to the fullest with your family.

Over the last couple or years, the number of people diagnosed with cancer has increased significantly. It is not an isolated phenomenon and nobody can be certain not be diagnosed one day.

As an example: The wife of one of our advisers, Lawden Chow, was diagnosed with Cancer. Thanks to her trauma cover, a lump sum was paid and used to finance numerous alternative treatments that extended her life by 5 years. The additional time was a blessing for both of them and they traveled together extensively, creating lasting memories that Lawden will treasure forever.

Contact us today to discuss your Trauma Cover and to receive quotes suitable for your personal circumstances.


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