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Rowan Lockwood

Director & Adviser

09 525 4673

Managing Director, Rowan Lockwood, is a chip of the block having followed in his father footsteps joining Genesis as an adviser in 2010 and taking over from Bob in 2016. Rowan specialises in insurance. Rowan has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in over the past 9 years as an adviser an growing up around the insurance industry. Rowan thrives on building client relationships for all your life, health and commercial insurance needs.

In Rowan's spare time he can be found perusing property looking for the next deal with an absolute passion for real estate. He also enjoys travel but without much time to get away for long holidays he enjoys short road trips exploring our country every weekend.​

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Executive Personal Assistant, Charlotte Brandreth, joined the team in early 2017. She has a warm and friendly approach with fine attention to detail, Charlotte’s passion for excellence will ensure she keeps up with the expertise and knowledge required to offer professional service to our clients. 

When you pick up the phone to Charlotte you will get a lovely British accent coming through having migrated from the UK in 2014. Charlotte spends her spare time planning adventures having developed a lust for travel since leaving the UK.

Charlotte Brandreth

Executive Personal Assistant

09 525 4689


Head of Security

Woof woof woof

Jäger works in the Ellerslie office at Genesis Advice. Having recently been promoted to head of security he has worked his way up to this role starting at the bottom in the document destruction department as a pup. He moved on from his first job into what seemed the perfect career for him as a general dogs body. He did find this position a bit hectic, running all over the place as such he was often caught napping on the job whenever he had a break due to the huge effort he was putting in. A decision was made by the directors to promote him to head of security as his attitude and skill set made him very personable and approachable. When he needs to though he can stomp his paws and secure a premises, his bark is certainly bigger than his bite given the touch of hunterway in him.
Jäger was a excellent addition to our office an now we can’t imagine a day where he isn’t working alongside us.

In his spare time the ball is life. He will fetch all day!

Tel: 0800 161 831


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